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The Todas, a pastoral tribe who live in the Nilgiris mountain ranges, have long been the subject of umpteen studies and writings. Though their actual origins are shrouded in mystery with many theories having been put forward,



Regeneration of Nature & The Human Mind


Auroville and its Utopian Ideals: The...


High and Low: A palm Tree Climber's Life


The Village Deity's Festival: Celebrating...


Becoming One with the Divine: Meivahi


Palamedu: Fighting of a New Challenge


A Tale of Two Cities

Heat and Dust: My Madurai Sojourn

Thirsting for More than Just...

Regeneration of Nature & The Human Mind

Selina Joseph, Editor - India

Nothing tells a story more powerfully than a picture. If we look at the pictures of Auroville taken in the late 1960s just after its inauguration, what is apparent to us is a vast, barren plateau, dotted with palm trees and characterized by steep canyons cut into the land where the soil was eroded by rain water run offs.
Today's photographs show an entirely transformed landscape - a canopy of green covers the whole area and in the canyons,

Auroville And Its Utopian Ideals: The City of Dawn Dreams On

Text and Photos: Nora Roger, France

In mid-February, the MM journalism team visited Auroville, a large village 10 kms north of Pondicherry, in Tamil Nadu. The place was founded to create human unity and to raise man to a superior level of consciousness. Nora Roger investigates the City of Dawn to see for herself the extent to which the city has achieved its utopian objectives, 46 years after its inauguration In the Nilgiris mountain range of South India reside a number of traditional tribal communities.

Palamedu: Fighting Off a New Challenge

Text and Photos: Agnese Cupido, Italy

Palamedu like neighbouring Alanganallur, both venues for the famous 'jallikattu', the traditional bull-fighting sport of Tamil Nadu, needs no introduction. Agnese Cupido stakes out the place as it contemplates the recent ban on the sport, while simultaneously dealing with the dwindling returns on rain-fed agriculture, the lifeline of most of its inhabitants Palamedu a village in Tamil Nadu, near Alanganallur in Madurai district is around 20.5 km from Madurai.


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Our journalists have different missions: write about Madurai, give information about what's going on, spread cultural information but they are also very keen to meet local people and share their everyday work and experience with them. They are in touch with local children and students in Madurai. They are organizing creative writing sessions in different schools. They are also preparing articles written with Indian students in universities.