Best Kiteboarding Spots in India

Kiteboarding is an adventurous water sport. It is increasingly popular among adrenaline junkies and water-lovers. The thrill of the game combined with a perfect location definitely makes for a hell of a time. The sport of kiteboarding requires optimal wind and wave conditions.

India is blessed with an enormous coastline and several destinations that provide the best of both for this sport. These spots are a paradise for adrenaline junkies and avid kite surfers who love kiteboarding. Both the northern and the eastern Indian coastlines provide some of the most flattering conditions for kiteboarding including wind directions and wave formations.


Following is a list of some of the best kiteboarding spots in India:


This western Indian state is home to countless coastlines along the Arabian Sea and many beautiful beaches. Goa is a hub for water sports and is obviously a perfect spot for kiteboarding. Some famous kiteboarding spots include Ashwem, Vagator, Morjim, and Arambol beaches. The tides here are extremely stable and provide conditions for comfortable kiteboarding.

Goa also has few good kite schools in case you want to take a lesson in kiteboarding. The best time of the year to visit Goa for kiteboarding is between September to May. There are many adventures that the tourists can seek while on a trip to Goa. All the accommodations are well-established.

Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu)

Rameswaram is arguably the best kiteboarding spot in India. This small town in the Southeast state of Tamil Nadu receives strong and consistent winds. This makes it a perfect spot for kiteboarding. Because it is an island, a stable wind of 15 to 30 knots from all directions is common and quite favourable for kiteboarding.

The most awesome thing about Rameswaram is that you can enjoy two kiteboarding seasons. And each season lasts for good four to five months. One season ranges from April to September and the other lasts from December to March. Some beach huts are also built just for kitesurfers on the island. They provide comfort and serenity to the tourists. Plus they are remotely close to the kiteboarding spot.

Manapad (Tamil Nadu)

Manapad is another ravishing kiteboarding site in Tamil Nadu. It is a small town blessed with unique but beautiful coastlines. These unique coastlines give rise to the best wave formations. This spot receives steady winds of about 15 to 30 knots which are favourable for kiteboarding. Manapad is scenically pleasing which is a huge bonus.

The best time of the year to visit Manapad for kiteboarding is from December to March. The town also hosts a surf resort for tourists. The town of Manapad is known for its extravagant mansions and the hospitality of its people. One special mention goes to Villa De Joseph. It is famous among the tourists and receives a lot of visitors.

Blue Bell Beach, Dwarka (Gujrat)

Gujrat has the longest coastline in India. Dwarka is a town located in this north-western state of Gujrat, India. It is a historical city and is home to the beautiful Blue Bell Beach. The beach is quite picturesque. The waves are perfectly formed and are suitable for kiteboarding. The best season to visit Dwarka is from October to February.


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