Regeneration of Nature & The Human Mind

Nothing tells a story more powerfully than a picture. If we look at the pictures of Auroville taken in the late 1960s just after its inauguration, what is apparent to us is a vast, barren plateau, dotted with palm trees and characte


rized by steep canyons cut into the land where the soil was eroded by rain water run offs.

Today’s photographs show an entirely transformed landscape – a canopy of green covers the whole area and in the canyons, where banyan and other trees now grow naturally, check dams store much-needed rain water and act as filtration points for the ground water.

While Auroville was created with many lofty and laudatory objectives in mind, the one that stands out as the most successful is the regeneration of the land, which is a testament to the powers of transformation that all human beings are endowed with. It is this ‘inner power’ which The Mother dreamt of harnessing while charting out her plans for Auroville. How and whether Auroville is capable of meeting these other objectives is what remains to be seen.

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